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Tour to Versailles from Paris

Join a Small Group for a Versailles Day Trip From Paris.

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Experience the Palace of Versailles and its Gardens on a small group tour from Paris. This tour to Versailles ensures a more intimate experience as the group consists of a maximum of eight people. You can choose from a half-day tour (without a guide), available in the morning or in the afternoon, or a full-day guided tour. In both cases, you will be picked up from your centrally located Paris hotel and taken to the tour, and you will be able to stroll around the gardens. On Saturdays or Sundays from April to October, you can see the famous fountain show in the gardens, with a delightful background music composed at the time of Louis XIV’s court. Check availability, prices and BOOK YOUR TOUR TO VERSAILLES.

For a half-day tour, you can choose a departure from Paris in the morning or in the afternoon. Your hostess will provide advice to help you plan your trip to Versailles, and an audio guide is available in 8 different languages. You will be able to explore the Hall of Mirrors, Louis XIV’s suites and the apartments of the Dauphin and Dauphine by your own.

If you choose a full-day tour to Versailles, you will spend 1 hour visiting the Hall of Mirrors, the Royal Apartments, the Queen’s Bedroom and the Gallery of Battles, always accompanied by your tour guide. You will have lunch at La Petite Venise Restaurant, and then you will proceed to explore the gardens of the Palace of Versailles and visit the Queen’s Hamlet. Afterwards, you will have a 1-hour guided tour of the Grand Trianon.

If you are planning a trip to Paris, and you have never visited the Palace of Versailles, we recommend to contract the full day guided tour to Versailles. Remember to book this tour in advance, as it has limited seats. Check availability, prices and BOOK YOUR TOUR TO VERSAILLES.



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