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Miscellaneous Tips Paris

Join the fun-loving vibe of Paris and make your trip more comfortable with these definitely useful miscellaneous tips.

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•   Despite customs becoming more lax after France joined the EU, it is still illegal to bring more than 200 cigarettes (or 50 cigars) into the country, as well as over 2 liters of wine, 1 liter of spirits, 50g of perfume and ¼ liter of eau de toilette. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping at the tax free stores!

•    France – as well as most European countries – uses the International System of Units and temperature is expressed in Celsius Degrees.

•    French telephone numbers have 10 digits and all begin with 0. 01 is the prefix for both Paris and the Ile-de-France. Mobile numbers start with 06 and telephone calls are generally cheaper between 9 pm and 9 am. In order to call France from abroad, dial the international code (usually 00) followed by 33 and leave out the first 0 from the French telephone number.

•    Check with your operator to know if your mobile phone will work in France (and make sure you learn about the service’s rates). If taking your own phone proves to be too expensive, you can rent mobile phones to use during your stay. Paris also has several Internet hotspots where you can rent time on a computer or connect with your own in order to go online.

•    Pets aren’t always welcome on attractions, monuments, museums or even hotels. Make sure you check this in advance. Some parks don’t allow dogs on their premises either and French law forbids them from going into food stores. People are expected to collect and dispose of their pet’s droppings, so bring a bag along with you. Refusing to collect after your pet will result in a hefty fine.

•    France’s electrical norm is 220 volts with 50 Hz, so you might need to bring a transformer and adapter along. Electricity sockets are the two-pin kind. Transformers and adapters are widely available in all of Paris and even hotels could perhaps provide them – just make sure you use them if your appliances aren’t meant for this norm!

•    If you do not have a region-free DVD player, check that the DVD you’re buying is compatible with your DVD player. Make sure you know your own DVD player’s region before purchasing any DVD abroad. France is in region 2.

•    If you’d rather travel lightly, baby equipment is available for hire in Paris. Simply check beforehand and compare prices!

For more information about Paris and attractions in Paris, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.



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