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Weather Paris

Join the enchanting colors of Paris, a city that remains beautiful during all seasons.

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Weather in Paris is particularly mild and extremely high or low temperatures are rarely seen in the city. Many would agree that the best seasons to visit Paris are during summer and spring: some museums and attractions have longer opening hours, the parks burst with blooming flowers and the weather allows for calm people-watching on any of the city’s renowned café terraces.

However, winter and autumn have their own coloring to share. Remember that winter is holiday season in Paris and the city is brimming with decorations and enchanting lights. Additionally, visiting Paris during its off-season could prove to be cheaper in the long-run: it all depends on what side of Paris you’re longing to experience.

Temperatures in summer don’t usually go over 25°C (77°F) and never below 15°C (59°F). Winter temperatures rarely fall below freezing point and don’t vary much between 8°C (46°F) and 3°C (37°F). Spring and autumns are known for their occasionally warm days and cool evenings.

Rainfall is fairly constant throughout the year, yet Paris is famous for its sudden shows – make sure you pack a light umbrella in your luggage and be ready for any rainy surprise. Snowfall in the winter isn’t that common either, but the city has been witness to light snowfall or flurries that don’t accumulate.

Air quality is one of Paris’ major concerns: the city has been monitoring it since 1954 and electronics boards throughout the city display air quality for the day on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being very good quality and 10 being very poor quality). Pollution levels are generally low, but high traffic is still a problem. Local media readily informs citizens when poor air quality levels have been recorded in order to properly warn people with health conditions, children, older people and pregnant women. Practicing outdoor sports during these days is not recommended.

Additionally, Parisian police can decide to alternate use of cars, lower speed limits, keep coaches out of the city centre or impose free use of public transport on days in which pollution levels are excessively high. However, don’t fret: these are just exceptions and you probably won’t have to worry about air quality during your entire trip.

For more information on Paris’ weather forecast during your trip, please visit:

Paris Weather Forecast

And for more information about tourism in Paris, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.




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