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Science Museum

Join Paris’ staggering tribute to the science and technology at the Citè de Sciences et l’Industrie, the city’s fastest-growing tourist attraction.

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The Citè de Sciences et l’Industrie is quite literally a city of science and industry located in Parc de la Villete. It is Europe’s largest science museum and has been growing in popularity ever since it was first opened in 1986: today, it welcomes over 7 million visitors annually.

Publicly funded, it specializes in the fostering of scientific and technical culture, with one main goal: to spread scientific and technical knowledge among the public – especially the youth – and create public interest in science, research and industry.

And it certainly does all of that, and more. This is one place you’ll definitely want to spend an entire day in: the Citè de Sciences et l’Industrie’s sheer magnitude, quantity of attractions and the building itself will make you want to stay!

Just grasping its eye-catching futuristic design will take some minutes. The Citè de Sciences et l’Industrie counts with an amazing bioclimatic façade, with three huge greenhouses 20 meters high called Les Serres. Even its rooftop lighting system was carefully designed to follow the sun across the sky.

Within its walls, get lost in the Citè de Sciences et l’Industrie’s breathtaking planetarium, pretend you’re underwater while taking a stroll through its aquarium or enjoy a 3D film in its IMAX theatre. The list of available attractions, resources, exhibitions, restaurants, snack bars, libraries and displays goes on and on.

The Citè de Sciences et l’Industrie propels its history-immersed Parisian visitors into the future, providing an impeccable attraction site that is suitable for all members of the family alike.

For more information about the Citè de Sciences et l’Industrie or other Paris cultural attractions, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.



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