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Delicatessen Restaurants Paris

Butard Enescot

Dir:Pavillon Royal Avenue de Suresnes Bois de Boulogne
75016 PARIS
Paris, France
Tel:01 55 66 23 23


Dir:101, faubourg Saint Honoré
75008 PARIS
Paris, France
Tel:01 42 99 90 00

Duval Paris

Dir:40, chemin Latéral BP5
Paris, France
Tel: 01 46 54 43 43


Dir:30, place de la Madeleine
75008 PARIS
Paris, France
Tel:01 70 39 38 00

Honoré James Traiteur

Dir:CNIT BP 216 2 Place de la Défense
92053 Paris La Défense
Paris, France
Tel:01 72 92 10 30

La Table est Mise

Dir:6, place de la Madeleine
75008 PARIS
Paris, France
Tel:01 64 02 85 58

Potel et Chabot

Dir:3, rue de Chaillot
75116 PARIS
Paris, France
Tel:01 53 23 16 69

Raynier Marchetti

Dir:13, rue Pierre Nicolau
Paris, France
Tel:01 40 11 71 27

Riem Becker

Dir:128 bis, avenue Jean Jaurès
Paris, France
Tel:01 49 60 38 91

Saint Clair le Traiteur

Dir:3, rue Dantan
Paris, France
Tel:01 46 02 88 88



Rugby in France currently holds second place in the country’s most popular sports and, despite the south’s overwhelming dominance, it still holds its ground in Parisian...

Jardin du Trocadero

Jardin du Trocadero

In 1823, after taking down Trocadero (in Spain), Louis XVIII wanted to commemorate the victory by constructing a Villa Trocadero on Chaillot hill. The buildings were never erected, but the...

Palais Bourbon

Palais Bourbon

L’Assemblée Nationale – formerly known as the Palais Bourbon – houses the National Assembly, France’s lower house. The original Palais was a...

Pompidou Centre

Pompidou Centre

Amidst its impressive architectural style, The Pompidou Centre (Le Centre Pompidou) houses the French National Museum of Modern Art. However, for years the building has...

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