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A must-do walk in Paris

A must-do walk in Paris: Amélie and Montmartre

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After booking your hotel and travel insurance for your trip to Paris, take a look again to your travel checklist and plan your itinerary.
One of the best places to visit in Paris is the area around Montmartre. Citing a movie, if you have seen Amélie, you have seen this area, which is typical Parisian, and in the dreams of many.
A good way to do it is to take the metro to the Anvers Station. From there it’s just a short walk to Sacre Coeur. You can climb the stairs up to the front of this church or take a skyway. Once up, enjoy the view, and also enter the church to see the architecture and decoration.
When you come down, turn on your right and you will arrive in Place du Tertre, a former cultural and artistic gathering where now you can still see all the typical restaurants. Beware of tourist traps, enjoy the work of the artists and take a nice walk, but do your souvenir shopping elsewhere.
From Place du Tertre go to Rue Lepic and follow it. You will pass Café Des DeuxMoulins on your right side. There is where Amélie used to work in the movie. After enjoying a good cappuccino or coffee you can continue down on Rue Lepic until arriving on the first big street: Boulevard de Clichy. On your back right side you will see the famous Moulin Rouge Cabaret. Pssst, the roundabout in front of it is the best place on which to stand to take the best pictures!
If you are in this area in the evening, watch your personal belongings at all times and do not give your camera to non-tourists. This is not the safest place in Paris, but it is still very beautiful. 
You can finish your walk turning left on the Boulevard de Clichy and doing some window shopping in the Parisian red-light district, which is right there. If you do that, take the metro back to your hotel in Paris from the Pigalle metro station, which is on Clichy as well. 
Enjoy your walk and don’t forget to take pictures. Have a good time in Paris!


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