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Why you should explore Europe by Train

Railway travel in Europe has grown in leaps and bounds since James watt patented his steam engine in 1782. If it happens that James watt returns for a visit, 231 years later, he will surely be overwhelmed by the developments in train services. Travelling around Europe by train is now practically possible from frontier outpost such as Vladivostok in the Russian federation to Lisbon in Portugal thanks to the over fifty routes linking different countries.

With the ever improving rail services across Europe, exploring the European continent has never been easier. For example, is now possible to have breakfast in Paris, and lunch in London, courtesy of Eurostar that has pushed the frontiers of railway travel in Europe to a whole new level.

For starters, modern European trains have been tailored to ensure comfort and efficiency. Train services are one of the few public sectors that rarely disappoints. Not only schedules are respected with military precision, but train travel is less affected by extreme weather conditions which normally affect air, and road transport. Green travellers will also be happy to know that electricity is slowly, but surely replacing coal as the primary way of powering railways across Europe, hence you will travel with a peace of mind knowing you are not adding more green gases to the environment vis-à-vis air transport or road transport that primarily relies on fossil fuels.

Long distance travel

For long distance travelling, train is apt for several reasons. Firsts, trains are relatively spacious, comfortable, and offer scenic routes. Furthermore, you don’t have to undergo the exhausting security checks that are a must for today air travel. Add the fact of having internet connection and it is almost an unbeatable option.

The freedom to move around, and have a chat is also one of the greatest attributed for rail transport, if you have been in those long flights, then you definitely appreciate why sitting for long hours is the worst part of long trips.

Additionally, the fact that many railway stations across Europe are located close or in city centers will save you money that could otherwise have been used for taxi as airports are usually located away from city centers. It is imperative to note that the quality, speed, and efficiency of a rail network service ultimately depend on each country’s maintenance and allocation of resources. Western European countries have been leading this sector, especially Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Italy.

Some hiccups

One pitfall of rail transport is theft, although some rail companies such as Eurostar now ensures that passenger’s luggage is kept safe. These track records call for extra vigilance and especially if you are in crowded rail stations. Another danger, although rare in European routes, is the danger of terrorism.

Whether you want to seat back and relax as you admire the scenic views, get a dose of the Mediterranean sun, experience the joy of the Baltic states, or you simply want to travel from Paris to London through Brussels, rail transport should be your first choice. There is simply no better way travelling across Europe’s attractions, and all it has on offer.


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