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Paris Champagne Tours

Paris is globally renowned as the City of Love, but is his due to its elegant architecture, decorative arts and gardens, or is just that people get in love with their pastries, wines and champagne? Well, maybe a bit of all.
Home to the finest sparkling wines world-wide, Paris champagne tours are widely available on several tourist attractions and events. Below we list some Paris attractions tickets and ideal things to do for accompanying a champagne toast:
MontParnasse Tower Observation Deck
Get a 360° view of enchanting Paris with the sun setting behind for a perfect scene. This is one of the best rated champagne tours in Paris, due to its affordability and impressive views. Your tickets include the option to skip the line.
Champagne tasting at Seine Cruise
Taste the difference among three first class champagnes while navigating through Seine River on board of an open-deck cruise. This tour is ideal for couples and it’s a great starting point for a night out.
Tasting at the Champagne Region
It can’t get any better than a champagne tasting at the home of the finest sparkling wines on Earth. Enjoy picturesque scenery at local wineries, taste champagnes from different cellars and try some home-made local food for a perfect journey. Bon appétit!
Route du Champagne from Paris
Escape from Paris on private vehicle for discovering the most esteemed champagne cellars on a full day tour with private guide. Try the local cuisine, taste their first class champagnes, get delighted with the charming natural atmosphere and learn more about the historic facts and anecdotes with your private guide all the way long.
Eiffel Tower with Champagne
Last but not least, the iconic tour to the third floor of Eiffel Tower is a must-do activity on your visit to Paris. Ideal for first-time travellers, skip the lines and hit the bar at the top of the Eiffel Tower, where you will get unbeatable panoramic views of such a breathtaking city. Toast with local champagne at the peak for Europe accordingly.
This is just a small selection of many options out there for enjoying the culinary-rich side of Paris, while sightseeing the endless landmarks at the City of Love. Stay tuned to our news, and have a nice trip to Paris!


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